Monday Debriefing

Yes, I realize it’s Tuesday today, but I was traveling yesterday, so.

My weekly metalist for 5/23 through 5/30


It was going to be a shortened week, work-wise, and I knew that going in.  On Thursday, my mom and I drove eight hours down from the Bay Area, where we live, to Palm Springs, where one of her sisters lives, for my cousin’s wedding.  The whole family was gathering, and I hadn’t seen them in awhile, so I planned to make the trip too even though I didn’t really *have* to.  We left Thursday at the ass-crack of before-dawn – 4:30 AM, bleh – and came home yesterday afternoon.  A busy three days with family and two days of transit, leaving me really only a few days for my workweek this past week.  I tried to reflect that reality in my list when I wrote it.  So how did I do?

My list had seven things on it – only one less than on the previous (full) workweek – which may have been a bit much.  This past week, I intended to…

  • Write four posts on Witch.Words
  • …and one here.
  • Move a bunch of stuff from cardboard boxes into better long-term storage in plastic tubs
  • Spend 2 sessions on jewelry-making
  • Incorporate physical movement three days out of the week
  • Retune Kari, my harp (yes, I name my instruments)
  • Write my personal mission statement, an assignment from my work with Molly Mahar of Stratejoy.

And how did it go?

I wrote three substantive posts, and one “be back next week, have a good holiday weekend!” post at W.W.  That little post probably shouldn’t count, but hey, it’s a post.  So that was a mostly-success.  I did write the one post here.  I got my stuff moved into better boxes, and in the process found some awesome stuff I’d been looking for – namely, my old incense tray for stick-style incense, a milky glass with oil-slick sheen and a pent on the stick-holding end.  Yay!  I spent rather more than two sessions on jewelry, though I didn’t get the piece finished I wanted to make for the wedding.  Oh, well.  I did two sessions of yoga, but didn’t have time Wednesday for a session, and the whole weekend was taken up with family, so I didn’t quite meet that goal.  I did get Kari retuned, but got no work at all done on the mission statement.

Score: 5.5/7, or just under 80%.  Not bad, but not great, either.

I think the problem is, I overestimated how much time and energy I would have for working on a week when I had to get ready for a trip – choosing outfits, doing extra laundry, getting the suitcase out, packing, going to hair and nail appointments, and making sure everything else is taken care of before I leave requires more of my energy than I remembered.  So I had to push myself *really* hard Tuesday, to get most of my list accomplished, and Wednesday, to finish off and get ready to leave Thursday morning.

Moral of the story being:  Self, next time remember to only list as much stuff as you can comfortably accomplish if you give yourself an *entire* day for trip prep.  Trying to cram four days’ worth of work into two and a half days does not make you a happy camper, and travel takes a lot of spoons, so you can’t afford to have spent them all working to have a “normally” productive week before you left.

But hey, it was nice to see everyone – if a bit exhausting; sucks when you’re the only full-bore introvert w/social anxiety in the family, so nobody understands why you start getting twitchy and asking if you can take one of the cars and go back to the hotel mid-afternoon for a solitude-recharging break – and I’m glad to have learned this lesson.

Also, I’m very glad to be home.  How was your holiday weekend?



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